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What is Life of Whimsy?Hello!


Your life changed the moment they entered your world.

All at once you were overcome with a love so overwhelmingly beautiful it was almost unbearable in its intensity.

Your JOY at their arrival was accompanied by a FEAR of missing a single moment from then on.

If only you could capture that feeling, bottle it up and treasure it forever.


Life of Whimsy freezes these fleeting snapshots in time where the magical worlds of fantasy and innocence rein.

Don't look back with regret that you didn't immortalise their mystical worlds while you had the chance.

Life is a gift - don't let time rob you of it.

Life of Whimsy captures childhood imagination before it's too late, visualising moments in a celebration of who they are so, as time ticks by,you will always be able to look back in wonder at how innocent and vulnerable they once were.

In an ever-changing world, we all need to remember what it was like to be young and free.

Choose Life of Whimsy and freeze those precious memories forever.

Prints are limited to 10 of each design. Commission yours before it's too late.

Bespoke custom designs are available on application.

Suitable for children, pets and adults.

“Bringing the magical worlds of children’s imaginations to life…it’s what dreams are made of.”

Wow! Sally, you are incredible at what you do! I have had 4 photo shoots with this wonderful lady; wedding, new born shoot, family photos and a cake smash, and a 5th booked for a christening next year. 10 out of 10!! xx

Katrina Baker
Dorset, UK

Oh my goodness, I love it. You're so clever. The twins love and really laughed when they saw it!

Josephine Ball
Horsham, West Sussex

Hello, I'm Sally!

Sally Beard

Owner, Photographer & Digital Artist

... and I'm the photographer from The Photography Boutique and the digital artist behind Life of Whimsy.

I truly believe I have the BEST job in the world!

I love, love, LOVE creating imaginative art work, featuring children and their families. I truly believe that imagination on one of life's greatest pleasures and they need to be captured forever - the ability to dream fades all too quickly.

Capturing moments in time that would otherwise be gone forever in an instant. Memories are treasures to frame, look at each day and remember.

I would LOVE to hear from you, to emabrk on your own whimsy journey!


I'm based in West Sussex in the South of the UK but I travel all over the country. 


Monday — Friday

10am — 3pm


10am — 4pm